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Based in Los Angeles, CA, senses is a band bringing all the energy.  Performing solo for many years and wanting to get back to her band roots, Madison Taylor (Vocals) sent out a Craigslist add; or a shot in the dark as she calls it, looking for the perfect bandmates.  Nick Sampson (drums) was the first to reply.  Their influences and inspirations lined up perfectly and the rest was history.  They jammed together for a few months, and in comes Josh Bissell (guitar/ vocals).  Originally hearing Madison's debut solo EP, he knew he needed to be a part of this new group.

They started writing immediately and playing at their local practice space.  Gaining gigs around LA here and there, they dove headfirst into the studio to start recording their first singles.  With help from producer Blake Harnage, they got to work quick to create their perfect sound.

Nick's pounding and exciting drums match up perfectly with Josh's quick guitar work and etherial tones, while Madison's vocals constantly soar.  They put their all into these singles, and they are even more excited to get back in the studio and do it all again.

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